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Aerial Photography from Model Aircraft
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If you fly models and would like to use your aircraft as a camera platform but are not quite sure how best to go about it, and want a few tips, this is the place.

Or perhaps you're a non modeller just curious to see what can be achieved without too much effort and expense. All of the pictures and videos here were shot with inexpensive equipment using simple models and techniques, the only requirement being a basic fixed-wing model-flying ability.
One man's approach to aerial photography using model aircraft.
Marrying photography and aeromodelling provides an interesting and stimulating leisure activity in which the sky is quite literally the limit. Model aerial photography is just one aspect of a burgeoning interest in hoisting remote cameras aloft by various means.

Get advice on models, cameras, installations, what's important and what isn't. Find out how, here.
Dried up oxbow lake on the Avon at Somerley
The camera plane