Somerley House can be seen in some shots, although it is far enough away to tempt providence in terms of height and distance. A big model helps here even if your eyesight is phenomenal.

I found that the photos taken with the Olympus all needed the levels expanding as they were very flat and lifeless straight from the camera. The Fuji was better in this respect.

All the still shots are from 2Mp cameras and and shown here at 800 x 600. Most have been processed and (over?) sharpened.
Photos - Ashley Farm
These shots were taken at a local flying site, Ashley Farm near Ringwood, alas now lost. They were taken on various occasions using both the first Sky Eye model, OS20 powered and with an Olympus C2000Z, and the second twin electric model with a Fuji A203 camera.

This was an attractive site right by the Avon and additional water ways (too close, some would say), and the lakes at Poulner and Blashford were easily visible from 500ft or so. The farm buildings also provide photographic interest.
Dave Blandford
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