These photos of Fordingbridge were taken by Sky Eye 2 using a Fuji A203 2Mp camera with electronic shutter release and a homemade airborn switch circuit cobbled together from an old servo amp. In the space of a couple of flights totalling 35 minutes I took over 400 shots, and few were technical failures. Lots were of no interest of course, but not many had camera shake or were badly exposed. Some have had no post-processing at all, something new for me. Others have had some work on levels or contrast, plus some sharpening; most shots benefit from this.

The day was superbly still, clear and sunny following a long misty start. The air was clean as there had been rain in recent days, lots of it. Flying out of the sports ground allows for close-by parking and a mown surface with few people midweek, and as can be seen, the area is full of interest with the river and town right beside you.

The results looked good when reviewed at the field and flushed with success I swapped batteries and changed the camera for the forward-looking Panasonic videocam. Again, all was going well until disaster struck and I parked it in a tree.
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Photos - Fordingbridge
Dave Blandford
It lodged about 50ft up the tall tree just forward of the leading edge in the shot below, right, directly above a small pumping house in a fenced-off area. Stiil, at least it wasn't over the road or on the island in the river... and I could park right by it.

It took much head-scatching and hard work building a catapult and a bow plus arrows to get a line up to it, plus a lot of fence climbing between midday and the fall of darkness (early, November) to not achieve much. So it stayed up the tree until next day. It was wet and windy over night and a kindly builder, Steve, (also a modeller) working nearby found it dangling from the line just above the roof of the pumping house.

It was fairly undamaged, and in spite of the rain the radio did not get wet. The camera got a bit damp but was dried out on a radiator and still seems to work.

The moral of the story has got to be, don't concentrate on the photography to the exclusion of flying the plane, and watch your depth perception and height. I knew the trees were there and was very concious of the danger, but still screwed up, The shots below show the beast in its new home, a wider shot and the tree from the air. The pumping house  is clearly visible.