Fordingbridge, picturesque riverside town on the edge of the New Forest.
Ashley Farm flying site.
A beautiful location on the
Somerley Estate.
Martin Down flying site.
Set in rolling Dorset
Once I had perfected the system I moved to two essential systems for flying near populated areas - electric power for silence, reliability and the ability to shut off power completely midflight, plus 2.4GHz radio for peace of mind as regards control issues. At this point I felt confident to fly out of places like Fordingbridge, Ringwood and Poole.

Watch this space for more locations.
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Dave Blandford
First tests of the first model, Sky Eye 1, and the system in general were carried out at Martin Down. Although set in lovely countryside it lacks any points of interest for aerial photography, as these few shots reveal.

Further development was done at Ashley Farm on the Somerley Estate where the rivers and lakes, plus the farm itself, all provide a rich source of images.
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Poole Park
and the harbour.
From Baiter rec. ground.
Ringwood and the
A31, shot from
the Bickerley.
Stoney Cross in the
New Forest. WW2 bomber airfield.